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Name: Transnet Rating Systems Inc.

Location: 2160 Carter Ave Suite B, St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

Company Description: Transnet Rating Systems is a developer and supplier of freight rating software (Primarily LTL). In addition to our core products we have done custom development work for companies such as Koch Logistics and UPS.

Background: Transnet was founded in 1995 to develop affordable rating software for LTL shippers and carriers using the latest software technologies.

Current Status: We currently offer three distinct versions of LTL rating software for US customers.

Future: As technology advances we will be developing more e-commerce based products such as an Internet-based rating program that will work similar to our existing suite of rating software but can be used anywhere using a web browser. This type of solution will be useful for small LTL shippers (less than 5 shipments per week) and for multi-location companies that are not networked. Transnet is also expanding its software functionality to include barcoding, weigh scales, and other hardware devices that are often used in conjunction with shipping.

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